My paintings reflect a search for simplicity and meaningful connection. Working primarily with acrylic and watercolour, I create from my home studio in Toronto, Ontario. With a background in palliative and intensive care nursing, I am fascinated by the physiologic intricacies of our body and am deeply moved by our individual and collective experiences of being human in this world. 

Amidst the complexity of everyday life and the noise of my own thinking, I make a conscious choice to work with a very limited, often monochromatic palette that eliminates the need for a multitude of additional decisions. This grounds me and creates room to intuitively explore intricate worlds of lightness, darkness, and the gently lit spaces in between. It is a process of stepping into the unknown and requires me to learn and re-learn to trust the physical expressions that arise.

Photography: Darius Bashar

In a world where so much is loud, busy, and full of competing demands and expectations around how life should be lived, the way we externally carry ourselves often means sweeping any hints of human vulnerability under the rug. We bury entire parts of ourselves- often the very parts that reflect our shared humanity. I am interested in moving through the noise to get to the heart of what matters.

The depth and intricacy I am able to achieve in my work invites observers to pause and take a closer look. It is in this space of pause where I hope you may connect with something of the universal wonder, beauty, and heartbreak of being alive.