Echoes of Nature

Echoes of Nature

Went for a walk and came across a beautiful pile of branches left over after a neighbour’s spring pruning… Found one that curves in ways that are remarkably similar to blood vessels. The image on the right is an angiogram of the brain, where contrast dye is used to be able to visualize its blood supply.

These echoes of nature that exist within the structures of our body make me catch my breath sometimes... 

Click here to view a series of original watercolour and acrylic paintings I have created that explores how each of us carries within our body the same elemental structures that form the universe around us. The work addresses how intimately connected we are not only to each other, but also to the earth, sky and waters around us.

Take your time exploring, there's lots to see: Reflections on Breath (Full Series)


[Right side image courtesy of Dr. Shapiro at]

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